UC Davis

Preparing to Work or Study Abroad

Not sure how to begin planning to work abroad on poverty or inequality?

Below are a few helpful resources to browse for ideas, inspiration, and useful information.

1. Where to begin:

India: Solar Lighting Survey
Photo courtesy by Siva Gunda

For students interested in working abroad, but want further guidance on how to develop project ideas and plan for travel abroad.

  • Cafe Impact has produced insightful and informative video interviews of experts working in the social entrepreneurship. Learn from the experts!
  • Determine the best international experience for you (UC Davis Internship & Career Center)
  • Select, plan and prepare for your international trip (UC Davis Internship & Career Center)
  • Use digital resources while studying or working abroad to stay in touch.
  • Take UC Davis campus classes that will prepare you for your experience on the ground working internationally (UC Davis Blum Center and D-Lab)
  • Maybe this is a GAP year for you and you are looking for a way to stay plugged in, see Give Your GAP, an organization of students encouraging "giving a year back for social good" for ideas on what you might do.

2. How to get there:

Photo courtesy Curran Hughes

Finding and funding your trip.

3. Know before you go:

Links to essential information and advice for safely traveling abroad.

Photo courtesy by Gwynn Benner
After Hours Emergency Contact

The permanently staffed entry point for all emergencies is the UC Davis Campus Dispatch,  (530) 752-1230 , from where emergency reports will be channeled to the appropriate offices(s).

4. Returning Home:

Returning after being abroad can almost be more difficult than preparing and being abroad. The world has continued to move forward at home while you are having your adventure, yet typically it is hard to stay connected with those changes going on at home. People often are overwhelmed by their own cultures, frustrated by the lack of shared interest in their experience, and miss the people and things they learned to love. This is called Reverse Culture Shock. Research indicates it is as important (maybe more so) to prepare before you return is home. Here are some resources on the topic: