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Share the Harvest at Our Table for Two

Fight obesity and malnutrition while supporting locally sourced, sustainably produced and nutritious meals at UC Davis and around the world.

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The UC Davis Blum Center for Developing Economies and UC Davis Dining Services are pleased to announce a new initiative on the UC Davis campus that seeks to help reduce poverty while supporting sustainable, local food production in the Central Valley and abroad. The initiative is launched in partnership with TABLE FOR TWO (TFT).

harvest 2Share the Harvest encourages the UC Davis community to eat healthy, organic, and locally-sourced meals at the Gunrock Pub, Silo, and Scrubs, while at the same time reducing malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa. Improved diets in school-aged children serves to increase concentration, classroom attendance, and matriculation.

The program is simple. When a customer purchases a TFT certified meal at any of the three eateries on campus, $0.25 cents is donated to support a warm, nutritious, locally sourced meal to children in local schools in countries such as Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tanzania. These meals are possible with the purchase of vital staples in Africa including flour and a variety of vegetables and legumes, some of which are grown in the students’ own home gardens.

harvest 3All TFT-certified meals served on campus were specially designed to meet specific nutritional standards. Executive Chef Ruben Andrade developed specific menu items that include braised chicken cous cous, chicken tabouleh basil salad, and eggplant tabouleh basil salad.

TFT is a non-profit organization in Japan founded four years ago. Their mission is to address two parallel diet-related issues: a billion people across the developing world suffer from hunger and malnutrition, while an equal number of people -- mainly in wealthy countries -- suffer from “diseases of affluence,” such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Participating in the initiative offers a way to combat both.

UC Davis is one of several hundred participating institutions that have joined the initiative globally since its launch.

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