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One Health Nicaragua

An approach for addressing the human, animal and environment health of a rural community near Ocotal in Nicaragua.

Teams will be heading to Sabana Grande in May to work with public health care volunteers and veterinarians to establish a “One Health” approach, recognizing that human and animal health are inextricably linked. One Health seeks to promote, improve, and defend the health and well‐being of all humans and animals by enhancing cooperation and collaboration between physicians, veterinarians environmental specialists, and public health practitioners. These partnerships will begin the process of creating a program that is truly multidisciplinary and addresses the changing and complicated environment of healthcare in developing nations.

UC Davis Blum Center funds will help support UC Davis teams looking at livestock health and husbandry as well as expanding technical expertise of public health professionals and community volunteers called "brigadistas".

Project team: Carolina Vicario, Rennie Putnam, Blanca Camacho of the Department of Veterinary Medicine

This student-driven project, with faculty mentorship, will investigate specific health needs of livestock and create educational modules to address these concerns. These steps will allow the project team to work with the community and existing governmental programs, empower community members with livestock-related knowledge and skills, and strengthen the ties between human and animal health workers in Sabana Grande. This initiative is follow up on earlier efforts in June 2012 when the project team of four veterinary students, one MPH student, and one DVM travelled to Sabana Grande, Nicaragua to collect demographic data and gain an understanding of existing health infrastructure as well as human and animal health issues present within the community. Based on the high need and interest in veterinary care, Carolina and her team are focusing their efforts this year to further characterize and meet the livestock needs and concerns of Sabana Grande and surrounding communities.

Project team: Fiona Whitton, Leah Colyer, Molly Liepnieks, Ryen Morey of the Department of Veterinary Medicine

In early 2012, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine established a partnership with the UC Davis School of Medicine and Public Health Sciences, and began a collaboration to develop a One Health project in Sabana Grande, Nicaragua. This project is multifaceted, with different groups of students and faculty focusing on specific areas of human, ecological and animal health needs. The aim of this project  will be to address educational and public health concerns within the community, bringing informational modules and clinical workshops to community health workers and local youth, and utilizing a bi-directional information exchange to enhance the cultural and educational experience of the community of Sabana Grande and student researchers. This educational framework will provide the project, and the community, with a sustainable method of information dissemination, will help stimulate economic growth, and will ensure continual communication, collaboration and cross-disciplinary learning.